The Radical Copyeditor’s Style Guide For Writing About Transgender People

The purpose of this guide is to help people of all gender identities and experiences practice more care toward those on the margins. Trans people must be understood as the authorities on ourselves and the language used to describe us. Not only does this mean that cisgender (non-trans) people need to practice humility and care toward trans people, but it also means that trans people—particularly those with educational, financial, and/or racial privilege—need to practice humility and care toward other trans people—particularly those who are folks of color, low-income, less educated, and/or elders.

40 Days Of Sunshine

It never stops. Time. Always goes on. Humans aren't wired that way. We stop. At all important stops in our life. We like to stop. To feel. To take it all in. Even the lamest of excuses are good enough in our eyes. Because familiarity is nice. Makes us feel secure. And that makes us …


It was a Wednesday and our ritual once-in-3-months-terrace-drinking session had commenced. We paid our respects and did the sacred chicken dance around the table on which stood- the bottles of whiskey, tandoori chicken, 2 plates of chicken lollipop and Fanoos’ Rambo rolls (courtesy Sangitha who studies at Joseph’s). Nithin, punctual as ever, sauntered in just …

Prakit poetry

In a room full of people a secret smile is exchanged Excuses are made but nobody pays attention What could two girls be upto behind closed doors holding their breath and panting in turn?   -Leonilla

A personal history

My life is like sheet music. All the notes on its pages are perfectly tried, tested and proven. Not enough room for trial and absolutely no room for error. Everything had to be fairytale perfect. At least, that’s what I was taught to think and voluntarily thought, until I went along and kissed a girl …